Science Writing

I have been a freelance science writer since August 2014. I was a regular news reporter for Sen between December 2014 and July 2015.


Where: Astronomy (USA)
Date published: October 2015
Title: Turning on to the stars again

Where: Astronomy Now (UK)
Date published: June 2015
Title: A New VISTA on the Universe 

Where: BBC Focus Magazine (UK)
Date published: May 2015
Title: Hubble’s Top 10 Discoveries

Where: BBC Sky at Night Magazine (UK)
Date published: May 2015
Title: Life on the Dark Side

Where: Astronomy Now (UK)
Date published: March 2015
Title: Fight the Light!

Where: Astronomy Now (UK)
Date published: February 2015
Title: The Land of the Giants

Where: Astronomy Now (UK)
Date published: December 2014
Title: How to Solve a Galactic Jigsaw Puzzle

BBC Focus Magazine
In January 2015, I carried out a 2-week internship at BBC Focus Magazine, based at Immediate Media in Bristol. As well as the above-mentioned feature length article, I also contributed the following:

Lost without your smartphone? Here’s why.

Meet Tilda, the orangutan that’s learnt to mimic human speech.

How Does It Work: Volvo’s Smart Cycle Helmet – March 2015 issue, Q&A section, p. 77

Space Exploration Network (Sen)

August 2015:

  • NASA camera shows the moon crossing in front of the Earth

July 2015:

  • OSIRIS-REx mission is one step closer to grabbing asteroid dirt

June 2015:

  • Pyramid mountain is latest puzzle on ceres
  • Schoolboy discovered alien world during work experience
  • Earth-sized exoplanets’ cicular orbits may narrow down hunt for life

May 2015:

  • Virgin Galactic provides update on progress of second SpaceShipTwo
  • Iconic ALMA image backs presence of baby planets
  • Go back to school with ESA to learn about Earth’s climate
  • Crowdfunding launched to nuke threatening asteroids
  • Bright blue aurorae dance above the surface of Mars

April 2015:

  • Rover’s Curiosity about Martian atmosphere
  • Cold conditions right for formation of liquid salt water on Mars

March 2015:

  • Evidence for potential life-harbouring hydrothermal activity on Enceladus
  • New Horizons now closer to Pluto than Earth is to the Sun
  • Aurora clue points to giant ocean on Jupiter’s largest moon

February 2015:

  • Mining the Moon: Private companies aim for a lunar bounty
  • ESA’s ATV space ferry goes out in a blaze of glory
  • Two white dwarf stars dance to a violent death

January 2015:

  • ISS astronauts celebrate New Year sixteen times
  • ISS experiment exposes biological limits in space
  • Hubble celebrates 25 years by updating its iconic image: The Pillars of Creation
  • Astronomers make SMASHing discovery about size of our galactic neighbours
  • Twin Cepheid discovered in hidden open cluster on other side of Galactic disc
  • NASA and Nissan join forces to research autonomous vehicles
  • Telescopic assassin targets supernovae
  • Giant telescope images God’s Hand reaching out into space
  • Does human spaceflight inspire youngsters?

December 2014:

  • NASA’s Morpheus soars then lands on successful test flight
  • NASA’s Kepler spacecraft detects first far-off world on its new K2 mission

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