Mi casa es su casa

At the end of a really hectic week of attempting to get my life organised, I am now fully moved into my flat complete with internet, cable TV and all of my belongings (which are already finding their niches). I am now also in possession of my Chilean visa and (diplomatic) identity card, which in turn means that I am now at liberty to do things such as open a bank account and not get arrested on ESO grounds.

So I’ve taken some piccies of my new place and nearby to give you a taster of where I’m at! I live on a road called “Cruz del Sur” (which is more residential in nature consisting mainly of houses rather than apartment blocks) in the district of Las Condes. It’s extremely quiet compared to other areas of Santiago, which is perfect for me, but is still in a fantastic location – no more than 10 mins to the nearest metro station, bus stop, supermarket and  pharmacy, and a 30 minute walk to the office. Starting at the bottom…

The front gate

My diddy pool. Like having a dip in the Arctic…

Reception room on the ground floor

So in the grounds there is both the pool (which apparently isn’t used that often. I don’t know why, what’s not appealing about a quick hyperventilation-inducing swim in -5 degree water?) and a little garden. The ground floor has a desk with a 24 hour concierge – I’ve met 3 of them so far, and they’re all lovely (one fluent in English, who rapidly gave me this information after I spoke appalling Spanish at him).

With my apartment, I also get a parking space and my own personal locked storage room. Obviously not owning a car, we told the concierge that I’d be willing to rent the parking space to another resident. The very next day, I get a phone call from an interested guy from 2 floors above me. So it’s currently his for $35,000 a month (that’s Chilean pesos, not dollars! Monopoly money…), which pays for 95% of my monthly internet/cable bill – score! Even better, that when he came up the following night to give me the money (2 months worth), he also brought me a bottle of carmenére red wine that a friend of his made. So all in all, everyone’s been very friendly so far!

Into my flat, it consists of 4 rooms – living room, little kitchen, bedroom and ensuite bathroom. Plus an excellent balcony. And of course, the walk-in wardrobe… 🙂 Pictures taken before my many, many belongings took over….

Living room, taken from next to the kitchen

Living room taken from the balcony, with kitchen at the back

Where the cereal is made

Has a nice big mirror for brushing my hair

My favourite activity happens here… Snoozing!

The balcony is one of my favourite parts. A great size (running the length of both the living room and bedroom, with access from both), a lovely table and chair set (how housewifey of me)… and a bloody great view:

The place to drink that carmenére…

I’ve had worse views…

View to the left

View to the right

And then on the top floor, I have the option of using the sauna (for a small fee), the gym (a little dilapidated, but still an option), or the roof terrace – again, which apparently no-one else really uses, so I’d essentially have it to myself if I went up there!

If only I could sunbathe…

So now that my clothes, pictures, Wii, coffee, proper tea bags and chocolate have all arrived in one piece, I’m ready to go!

The closest metro station to my place is “Escuela Militar” at the intersection of two major roads: “Apoquindo” and “Americo Vespuchio”:

The “escuela militar” – Military school

The junction of Apoquindo/Americo Vespuchio

Americo Vespuchio

Escuela militar in the background

Walking down the pedestrianised centre of Americo Vespuchio on my way to work

Now you know where to find me, there’s no excuse not to visit… 😉

Hasta la proxima,


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