Every new beginning is some beginning’s end…

Hola, todos!

Welcome to my new blog, following my trials and tribulations during this next coming year in Chile! Blogging is something I have never considered doing before, but I actually quite regret not taking up during the last year while I was working as a student support astronomer on the beautiful island of La Palma in the Canary Isles (click on the “AAT” tab above for more background info about yours truly). I so wanted to have been able to share all the small, intricate experiences with everyone I left behind back home, so I see this as the “new-fangled” way of doing that (yes, I said “new-fangled”. I still think DVD players are a novelty, let alone doing anything swanky on this ‘ere tinter-web thingy!).

So, here we are. I’m going to aim to put up a post at the end of each week to tell you what I’ve been up to (as I’m guessing that, as a PhD data monkey, mid-week may well end up being fairly slow going at times 🙂 ) – let’s see how that turns out! Seeing as though I never kept a diary as a teenager because I got bored and distracted very easily (still do), I may have to adjust that slightly as time goes on…

Until the next time / Hasta la proxima…


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